Temporarily Closing Shop & Etsy Vacation

This is a bit of a personal post…. not much amazing to tell or show you guys right now but if you just want to see art, there’s a sketch below. I regretfully must close shop here for a while and I have set my etsy store to “vacation” mode for now. ¬†Due to family difficulties, which I cannot discuss here, I have been forced to abandon art and my pursuit of my bachelor’s degree in order to work a retail job to make ends meet. I would love to continue doing art full time and my education is definitely still important to me, but I simply do not have the time any more since I am working full time in retail. Most days I am too tired when I get home to do anything. I haven’t painted in ages. I have bad back problems after the two car wrecks I was in and plantar faciatis in one foot so this retail job is pretty hard on me. That being said I do like where I am working quite a lot and have no real complaints about it. :) It’s just hard work. At least I am getting paid… which I am thankful for.

The other bad news is that this is likely not going to be a very temporary situation. I am facing having to support my legally blind elderly mother for probably another year and a half at least. This puts a stop to not only my art and education but also a lot of other things I was hoping to do. Like doing more festivals and events with my art… I had just branched out to doing the Texarkana Renaissance Festival and loved it. It was the first time I had ever done and event out of state. I don’t see how I will be able to do these festivals anymore for now though. It’s hard to get days off of work when I want them.

I love my mother though, so I will do what I have to do. ¬†Anyway… sorry for any inconvenience. I’ll be back eventually. I will try and keep facebook updated once in a while and may still post sketches and such here, but I just don’t have time for much else anymore. :) Sorry guys…


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