Social Medianess, Foodz, and Ratz

Well hello world! It’s been a while. I actually recently did make a nice long new post, but then for reasons unknown my host must have rolled back their server or some such and it was lost in the abyss. I only just noticed it… very annoying because it took me a while to write!! I will have to find time to write it all up again. I really must get in the habit of writing in Word first and then posting it here so I don’t lose everything I type again. Arg. So sorry, but this one I won’t put so much effort into for now and will be more laid back. Sorry if it’s not as well written, but at least I’m updating.

Anyway…  I apologize for not keeping this blog updated. Life has just been sort of hectic. I just recently lost my most beloved cat, my best friend of the past 15 years… my Honey boy. He was a very special cat… far more intelligent and inquisitive than any other cat I’ve ever had. He was clicker trained to know many commands and some things he simply learned on his own. You would be amazed if you knew just how smart he was… just a totally exceptional animal. He was very much attached to me… and I’ve been pretty down about his passing away. I usually would get a new cat when an old one passes (as I like to give a new cat a home) but we already have several and can’t really justify getting any new babies for a while.

Rest in Peace, my Honey…

January 2000 – June 15th, 2015


But in happier news…  I actually have a lot of new artwork to share here soon. In the meantime please consider following me on one of the following social media where I often post things (links at bottom of post)! I keep Facebook updated the most currently and I am now on Instagram. I’m an Instagram n00b, so there isn’t a lot there yet and I’m not sure I really understand the thing very well yet but I’m getting there. I try to post pics of what I am drawing/painting sometimes. :) I also will probably post there about food I make (A little known Kat Fact: I am a fabulous cook ;) ;) haha… ). Say, maybe I should post some recipes here on my blog actually? Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see?

Ugh… I’m really hungry now.



Here are some cute little rat sketches to wet your appetite for art… until I get around to posting up my new stuff. I have recently become a pet rat owner again after years of not having any I’ve been in a rat drawing mood!


And obviously… you must meet my ratties. ;) I know a lot of people don’t like rats, but I adore them. They make wonderful pets and are very smart and intelligent little creatures. I love my girls! Their names are Pixie and Buffy. And before you get grossed out that I made a post that includes both food and rats, I recommend you go watch Ratatouille and reconsider your stance on rats! ;p


As to instagram and other social media, ADD ME. LIKE ME. FOLLOW ME. BE MY FRIEND. Say hello! <3

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