New Print Release: “Lenore II” Open Edition!

Lenore II
Painting in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Corel Painter II
Original file is 18″x24″ in size.

Click here to purchase a Lenore II Open Edition Print!



I was considering waiting until this winter to release these (given the wintery theme) but I decided to go ahead and release her because she’s been waiting a while. ;) She is inspired by a couple of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poems that mention Lenore – in particular his well known poem “The Raven”.

This painting is also a new version of one I did back in 2007. It really shows how far my artwork has come over the last 5-6 years. They are very different mediums… the old one was done in prismacolor pencil, watercolor, and ink. The new one is photoshop, but you can really see how my attention to detail has improved. I’m almost embarrassed of my older stuff. ;) hehe


This is a photo of the framed original, which now hangs in my Aunt Catherine’s house.


You can still purchase prints of the old version for 50% off here! This image will be retired soon so grab them while you can… :)

Color Print

Black and White Print

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