New Original Art For Auction “Queen of May”

“Queen Of May”
Size: Approx. 12″x18″
Watercolor on 140 lb Coldpress Watercolor Paper

Up for auction right now! Check it out!×18-watercolor,name,100108,auction_id,auction_details


Some photographs and progress images are below:



Sketch was done in digitally in photoshop. I had to transfer the sketch to the watercolor paper… not my usual way of doing things, but it worked out. :)





Playing around with different hair color ideas in photoshop. I often photograph my work as I go when painting in watercolor… and then take it to photoshop to try out different colors before laying down actual paint. I would like to thank my friends over on Facebook for all your input on this painting! Thank you!


You can bid on the Original Artwork at the auction located at×18-watercolor,name,100108,auction_id,auction_details

Please if you have time check out the new “Fantasy Art Auctions” website at! A new place for fantasy artists to offer their work on auction. Please consider joining and supporting the artists by bidding on the lovely works available there!


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