Free Graphics

I will from time to time offer some freebie graphics for use on your own blog or website. Please be sure to credit me with the following information placed somewhere on your page if you use them! My bandwidth is small… so please right click and save them to your own computer!

Graphics Courtesy of ©Katherine Rose Barber

Social buttons set for use in your footer or anywhere else!

I originally created these buttons for my own website, but they just didn’t fit in with my theme.  So they’re up for grabs for whoever wants to use them in your own layout. I probably won’t make any other flower buttons for other social media, but if enough people request it I might make some others. :) Please credit me if you use them! Please be sure to upload the files to your own website. Right click and “save as”.


2 Responses to Free Graphics

  1. LadyFanhir says:

    Hellooooooo!!!!!!! :3
    I really love they, and i wish to use on my user page of dA… I wish to suggest other community (for example, that i’m join)…
    They’re: Zazzle (I think is very nice, a lot of people are on Zazzle), Shadowness, Epilogue and Formspring.Me
    Aahahhah… i hope to don’t have request too much! ^^”” You can dislike me! XDDD
    Of course, i’ll credits you when i’ll use they! <3

    Many hugs, dear!

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