Free Fairy Pics

A few free fairy pics you can use on your blog, myspace, facebook, whatever! :)

You can easily share the images below directly from my Facebook page. It’s easier than downloading them and uploading them to your profile or page, and it also brings traffic and customers back to my page which in turn supports me as an artist. For every one of your friends who sees an image of mine that you have shared, they may buy a print or commission me for artwork at some point! Think about that! If you can’t buy my products or prints you can at least support me via sharing (and its fun to share! ;) I do it all the time myself with artist’s images I like!) Click the image and you will be taken to the gallery it’s posted in. Then just click “Share”. It’s easy! ^_^

If you do download these and post them anywhere online please follow these rules. *Do not alter them or reproduce them in any way! *Please do crop or resize and do not remove copyright information! *Right-click and “save as” to save an image to your own computer. Please don’t link directly to the images. *Please provide a link back to my website along with the image wherever you post it! -OR-





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