Are these items available for wholesale?
I am planning to offer my prints wholesale soon. For now, please contact me if you are interested in making a wholesale order and I can give you a price quote. Please see my wholesale page.

Special Orders

I can and will take special orders for prints! If you really want your print to by matted, framed, and signed by the artist or would like it made into some sort of altered art piece, please contact me personally.

Out of stock items

It is to be assumed that if an item is listed as “out of stock”, there may be no more of said item available. I try my best to keep the website up to date, but it may occur that an item you order is actually out of stock. Orders placed for out-of-stock and/or sold out items will receive a refund or an item(s) of approx. equal value if the customer prefers.


I only accept online payments via PayPal. You can pay with your credit card using this free service and you DO NOT need a PayPal account. Click here to learn how

I will also accept Money Orders. Please contact me personally with a list of items you want to purchase if you wish to use this method of payment.

Attention: Due to difficulties with my shopping cart. I will no longer be accepting overseas orders via this website.

Overseas customers, please contact me personally with your item list and we will work out a deal. Since I understand shipping prices have gone up abominably and I don’t want to lose my overseas customers. Important! Please include your location so I can calculate the shipping!^_~

General Shipping Info

Orders may take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive depending on product availability, although usually much quicker. While I do my best to ship orders as soon as absolutely possible, once I hand a package off to the postal service I have no control over how fast it gets to you.

Shipping prices are subject to change depending on current postage rates and only apply to items purchased via the shop on this website. Actual shipping/handling cost for your items will be displayed on the Shopping Cart page before checkout. *Shipping is free for orders of $50.00 or more!

No Rush Shipping

I am unable to offer rush services at this time. I do not have enough hands to make this an efficient service. It’s a one woman show! I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Mail-in Forms

I do not currently have an mail-in form option available at this time. However, if your order is special or you wish to pay with a money order or personal check please contact me and I can arrange the order personally.


Returns are excepted with 15 days after receipt on most items provided the item has not been used, altered or considerably damaged in any way. Refunds are made via PayPal or Money Order. No cash refunds will be accepted (I will not risk you losing your money via the mail system. Sorry!). Please note that postage for return on exchange is to be paid by the customer & will be deducted from the refund. Please contact me before returning any items and if you have any further questions regarding returns, please contact me. Please see below for a list of items that are not returnable!

Items which are not returnable

  • Items which were NOT ordered from www.moonpaw.com
  • Items that have been altered or tampered with
  • Considerably damaged goods
  • Digital Products (example: downloadable coloring pages)

Bounced Checks

A Bounced Check Fee may be charged for all personal checks or e-checks that bounce. Please be sure you have sufficient funds before ordering items. =)


Digital Products

Digital products, such as my coloring pages, are downloadable upon purchase. You will receive a secure link to download your product to your own computer. There should be no shipping fee for these types of product (if you are charged shipping for your digital items please contact me).

Digital Stamps/Coloring Pages

Digital stamps are line art that you can print out as coloring pages, use in personal craft projects, or colorize digitally. At this time most of my coloring pages are in JPEG or PNG format in .pdf files and are meant more for just printing our for your kids to color. I am working on offering higher quality transparent PNGs however.  Also You must read and follow my Angel Policy rules.

I also offer some for free from time to time. You are free to download these to use. :) Just be sure to follow my rules. Free coloring pages and digital stamps


All prints come un-matted and have an approx. 1/2″ border for handling and easier matting/framing! I try to be sure they are as close as possible in color and quality to the original, but since they are prints, and different computers show and print colors somewhat differently, bare in mind that your print make have colors just slightly off from what you see on your computer screen. Your print will be beautiful regardless! :)

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition means there is a limited quantity available (such as: a run of 50 prints) and once those are sold no others like them will be sold. All limited editions are numbered and signed by the artist in pencil. Some Limited Edition prints may also be hand embellished (look for “Hand Embellished” in the product title). Limited editions are generally worth much more than Open Editions because only a limited number will ever be made. They are highly collectable! At this time I do not do certificates of authenticity because it is not cost effective for me, but this is something I will consider doing in the future.

Open Edition Prints

Unlike limited editions, open editions do not have a limit on how many will be sold. They are more affordable, and usually not signed by the artist. These prints are just as beautiful as Limited Editions.


Original artworks are shipped as-is, un-matted, and unframed unless otherwise specified/paid for separately. Serious buyers only! I highly recommend limited handling (as oils from your hands could damage it), archival quality framing and keeping the piece out of direct sunlight. I spray most artwork with a light coat of protective Acid-Free Archival Krylon Workable Fixatif to help prevent smudging and preserve and enhance the colors. And – with appropriate care and proper framing/storage by you, any original piece of artwork purchased should last for years. I am sure my pieces will increase in value in the coming years and become a  wonderful investment. :)


I accept art commissions. Please see my commissions page for more information.

OOAKs/Altered Artworks

“OOAK” means “One Of A Kind”. I do all sorts of arts and crafts projects aside from my faerie pictures. You may from time to time find some of these things on display or for sale on this website or on ebay. I make no promises as to the durability of these items, and they should be handled carefully and treated as fragile pieces of artwork.

OOAK Dolls

As many of you may know, I am a multitalented person. I guess it’s no surprise that I have discovered I have a talent for creating beautiful one of a kind dolls. My dolls are created with high quality polymer clay that is especially meant for doll-making. I apply high amounts of detail and special care from their facial features, to their clothing and hair, to their tiny toes and fingernails and dazzling eyes. They amaze even myself. I adore them so much I almost don’t want to let them go. ;) They are like 3D versions of my artwork – only even more detailed! I am in the process of photographing them and creating a doll website and hope to start having these lovelies available for sale on ebay and etsy soon! More info and photos of my dolls coming soon!


Image Usage:

May I use your artwork for my own personal tattoo?:

Please see my information about tattoo usage here.

Can I use your images for making signature tags and tubes?:

You may purchase packages of my artwork specifically for the purpose of making tags at UpYourArt! :)

Can I save your artwork to my computer so I can look at it later?
I don’t mind. But please remember that they are mine, and where you got them from, and be aware of my terms of use. Do not alter them in any way or attempt to replicate the image and if you mean to share the image please see the next topic below..

May I use your image for my Facebook Page or Profile/Myspace/Other Social Media/Personal Website?

That depends on what you mean by “use”. Are you just wanting to post the image to your page? If you use my image without permission and do not credit me… expect me or my minions to hunt you down and cook you up in a stew which we will then feed to the very hungry trolls. Just give credit where credit is due and you will be safe.

All you have to do is:
*Do not alter or crop the image in ANY WAY please

*Put this with the image somewhere in your post: “Artwork ©Katherine Rose Barber www.katherinerosebarber.com”

*Please give me a link to your post and page so I can like the page and see the post myself! You can contact me via my contact form or by commenting on the image here on my website. You can also message me via Facebook.

*I am not allowing use of my images as Facebook Cover Photo Banners or profile pictures (on facebook or any social media site!) at this time, sorry. I may at some point make some cover photos or icons for you to download as freebies.

*This DOES NOT apply to using my images as “tubes” or “tags” – if you are looking for that please visit www.upyourart.com where you can find some of my images for sale as tubes. You must follow their rules and policies to use those images after purchasing them.

*If you have any other questions about this please let me know!

Can I use your images to make webgraphics or banners for my website or business on social media?

You may not use or alter in any way any of my images for this purpose without express permission from me. I may consider granting a license for a one time licensing fee for very specific usage which can be agreed upon between us if said image is available. Right now I have no set price or policies about this… and I make no promises to allow any use of my images at all. I don’t want my images placed on just any old crappy website out there… I hope you understand. Please contact me if you are serious about using an image in your business and we can perhaps discuss it.

Can I print out your images to put on my wall?

This is an iffy question… if all you want to do is print it out and stick it on your wall then be my guest but the image will be tiny and very poor quality – not suitable for blowing up large and there will be watermarks visible. I recommend you purchase a print instead. By purchasing a print you are also helping to support an artist and a small business. I could really use your support to keep making my beautiful creations. You may not print the image to use in any project or crafts that you mean to sell for personal profit. This is a violation of copyright laws and may hurt my small business!

Do not claim any of my artworks as your own:

Understand that all images on this website are copyright and specific property of Katherine Rose Barber. You may not claim any of my artwork as your own. You may not alter any images in any fashion or remove them from this website for the purpose of claiming them as yours. You do not retain any rights to the images unless otherwise agreed. I will not accept any arguments on this matter.

You have no legal right to gain any monetary profit from my artwork unless otherwise agreed:

You may not use these images for any personal gain (whether it be monetary in the real life sense OR in online games or other forms of online currency). You may not use my images on any products unless we are under a license agreement/contract. I retain all copyrights and reproduction rights to my work. If you chose to violate copyright laws or use my images without my consent, I am prepared to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

If I buy a print or original work can I reproduce it or use it in my own products?

No, the rights for all my work are mine alone at all times unless very specific contracts are signed, this includes commissioned artwork. Products bearing Katherine Rose Barber’s images cannot be modified and sold for profit. This means that I do not grant permission for usage of images in craft projects for sale. For example: using a print of my art to decorate a wooden box and then selling that box for profit is against my general usage policy. I would only allow this in the case of a licensing agreement. Please contact me if you wish to set up such an agreement. This does not apply to products that remain unaltered. For instance merchants who buy products featuring my artwork for sale in stores (although I do not offer wholesale options at this time), and of course individuals can choose to resell a product that they bought previously for personal use.

But I didn’t KNOW it was copyrighted!

I get pretty sick and tired of hearing the following excuse for un-credited usage of art “I didn’t know who the artist was – I tried to track them down, but I couldn’t find who they were so I just used it anyway.” or “I found it on google and i r too dumb to know any better hurhur!” Honestly folks this is absurd. This is a basic concept of ownership and rights that even a six year old has mastered. If it isn’t yours it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who the owner is (and that is: the ARTIST is the OWNER of the image) don’t touch without permission!
“Gee officer – no it isn’t my car but it was just sitting here. I looked around a little on the street to see who the owner might be but I didn’t see anyone who looked like it was their car and I needed to use the car and I wanted to use the car… so I used the car.” In the non-internet world this is called STEALING – guess what – in the internet world it is also called STEALING. Don’t do it.

More information on Copyrights can be found at the following links

U.S. Copyright Office

What is Copyright Protection?

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained


Can I link to your website?:

Sure! Please see my banners page for more information.

Will you draw free art for me? No. :)

This information will remain on all images DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT

“©Katherine Rose Barber”



Please inform me via my contact page if you come upon any evidence of misusage of my artwork. Thank you.

I reserve the right to change or add to this information at any given time. Do not abuse my artwork please! Thank you for taking the time to read over this! :)



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