I will be happy to create an original piece of artwork for you. Please take the time to look over this page and check out my pricing and what I do. Be sure to have a look around my galleries. Is the art you see similar to the style of artwork you want created?

I can draw: faeries, mermaids, witches, wizards, vampires, elves, angels, maidens, gods/goddesses, goblins/creatures of that nature, dragons, mushrooms, flowers, nature themed things, unicorns, pets/animals, fantasy portraits of adults or children, religious/spiritual themed art etc. Have another idea? Ask me if I will draw it! I may turn down any commission request that I find distasteful or if I think I can’t paint what you’re asking for.


When Contacting Me About Commissions I will need the following information

  1. A detailed but to the point description of what you would like. Are there multiple characters? What kind of background setting if any? Do you have photos or reference pictures that will help me to create your image? Any other specifics I should know? Please include them.
  2. What medium do you want the piece created with?
  3. What size? Please be aware my prices listed here are approximate estimates based on generic sizes. Actual size of your image may vary slightly (perhaps larger than listed) depending on material available.
  4. Are you looking for an exclusive artwork to be used for your own products or publication? Please be sure to tell me.
  5. If the artwork is for a tattoo design please let me know. Please see my tattoo page for more info.

How it works

After I receive your email with information on the artwork you want created, I will send you a price quote. Prices are negotiable within reason. I need the work, and you want the art! I will not do art for free or for pennies but I may be able to do something more affordable for you. Just ask me about it. If we agree on a price, I will begin work on your commission as soon as I receive payment and all checks have cleared. You may send payment in smaller installments if you wish. Please see the Payment section for more information.

The time it takes to finish your piece greatly depends on my schedule at the time and the size of the piece. I’m a busy college student so please be patient with me. My commissioned artwork is definitely not a rush order thing. Some pieces can take weeks or even a few months to finish.

I first do a concept sketch (or several if need be) of your idea. Once you’re happy with the concept sketch and all payment has been made, I then transfer the image to the paper the finished work will be created on. Please understand that I can’t make changes as easily to an actual painting, so please be sure you are happy with the concept sketches before approving the sketches. The final artwork doesn’t always turn out 100% like the concept sketch because I make improvements or changes to anatomy as I paint when I notice the need. I will do my best to provide you with scanned images of the progress of larger artworks (photos if too large for my scanner). I generally don’t do progress scans on smaller images as I finish them rather quickly often. If your piece is 8″x10″ or smaller don’t expect progress scans unless you specifically request them beforehand. Larger artworks can take weeks or months to finish. Please be patient. Smaller artworks usually take much less time.

Once the artwork is finished I will send you a final scanned image of it for your approval. If all is well I will ship the art to you!

  • As the artist, I have the right to display the artwork in galleries, on my website and in my personal portfolio. I may also make prints of your commission or use the image on products unless otherwise agreed. With the exception of children: please see my section about child portraits!
  • You may not make prints or use the image on any products or in any publication without my consent. I retain all rights, including reproduction rights to commissioned artworks. You are not purchasing any reproduction rights to the artwork unless otherwise agreed.
  • If you would like to purchase full printing rights along with your image, we can negotiate that privately.
  • The prices listed on this page are approximate estimates and are for private collectors only. These prices are subject to change. These prices do not apply to illustrations or other exclusive designs/artwork which must be negotiated.
  • Sizes listed are approximate and are only for estimate purposes.


I accept PayPal, Personal Checks, and USPS or Western Union Money Orders. All personal checks (including those sent via PayPal) must clear completely before I will begin work. You can pay me in multiple installments if its easier for you. In the meantime I will begin concept sketches for your art as soon as I receive the first installment. I will not begin work on the finished piece until I receive all payments in full and all payments have cleared.

Shipping Your Art

If you’re happy with the art it will be shipped flat to you in a box or stiff cardboard envelope. I prefer to avoid rolling artwork into shipping tubes. Please let me know the climate I am shipping the art too. I usually wrap the picture with plastic or place it in a plastic sleeve, but I will take extra measures to pack it well for those who live in a damp climate. I will let you know when the package ships so you will know to be on the look out for it. Please let me know to hold off shipping if you won’t be around to receive it. :) Artwork sitting out in the rain isn’t a good thing.

  • Shipping and Handling as well as Shipping Insurance is included in the price for USA customers.
  • International shipping will cost extra. Shipping Insurance wont cover items shipping outside of the USA, sorry!
  • I do not accept returns on commissioned artwork as it takes my time, hard work, and materials to create the piece. Please remember you are paying me to create the image. Don’t commission me for artwork unless you’re serious about purchasing it.


Caring for your art

  • Never hang any art in a bathroom or in direct sunlight as it could damage it.
  • I highly recommend storing the artwork properly or getting the artwork professionally framed and matted underneath glass. I cannot at this time offer matting and framing, but I may do so in the future.
  • If the artwork is ever damaged I may be able to repair it for you for a fee to cover my time, supplies, and shipping costs. The fee price will vary depending on the amount of damage and size and type of artwork. Please take photos of the damage with a good camera or scan the image if you can and send it to me in an email. I’ll assess from the photos whether or not I think it may be fixable.


The prices listed below are approximate estimates and are subject to change. Additional fees may apply if there is more than 1 character or a high amount of detail.

Extra Fees

Extra fees may apply depending on what sort of commission you are wanting.

  • Overseas Shipping – The price of overseas shipping has gone up a lot over the years. I will try to be fair and understanding about customers living in far off lands… but remember that you are responsible for shipping!  I may be happy to include some of the cost into the commission price if I feel it’s particularly exorbitant. I’m not a meanie. I understand that shipping costs suck. ;p I will happily include free shipping if you commission multiple artworks from me!
  • Exclusive Rights – If you are a company/publisher/author who would like to purchase some sort of rights to the work, I would be working more for a flat 1 time payment sort of negotiation. You would then be purchasing actual exclusive printing rights to the work plus the commission cost and the image would be exclusively for you. You will receive both the original artwork and high-res files ready to use for printing (I can even make them in multiple sizes for your printing needs. Just ask.). I only ask that I be allowed to display it in my personal website and portfolios, online galleries, and in social media for the purposes of advertising my work to potential customers (unless we otherwise agree). I will not reproduce your image(s) on any products unless otherwise agreed (I may ask if I can sell prints. We can discuss it.). The prices indicated on this page do not apply to images created for exclusive purposes but please keep in mind the value of my work. Please contact me personally with your offer and we may discuss it. I reserve the right to turn down any offer. I will not work for free!
  • Privacy -One time $25.00 fee. This is mostly for people commissioning artwork of their children or loved ones or of themselves. I understand that sometimes people would rather not have their face plastered all over the web or on products. I will likely ask for an extra fee to cover some of the lose of not being able to display it in my website (examples of my work bring in most customers and therefore being unable to display it is a loss on my end). This is more than fair in my honest opinion. If you for some reason have issues regarding this please contact me and we may discuss it. You are -not- purchasing printing rights in this case. I merely offer it as a more affordable option rather than requiring you to purchase rights. If you DO want to purchase rights we can always discuss that too.

Some other things that may require an extra fee:

  • Multiple Characters or People in the image. I usually charge per character. For instance:
  1. A person = 1 character.
  2. A child and their pet usually will = 2 characters (depends on size of the pet in the image … i mean if it’s a tiny goldfish or hamster I’m not gonna charge you for that, and sometimes the pet may be more of a small bit of the background, in that case I wouldn’t charge either. I’m not out to rob you! lol)
  3. A couple = 2 characters!
  4. Multiple pets/people = Multiple characters etc! :)
  • Very elaborate and detailed backgrounds. Anything with tons of detail will take hours more work and a lot more supplies. The extra fees will cover that. Hopefully you get the idea! These things are hard to paint and can take even more time to paint than the characters themselves. Examples:
  1. A fairy in a very elaborate and detailed forest scene with a waterfall and other little creatures hidden in the greenery. Has a lot of plants and trees and a really magical atmosphere.
  2. My child sitting in their play room with all their toys around them… or having a tea party with a lot of teddy bears and dolls.
  3. A fantasy character conjuring up a dragon on the side of a cliff with a sprawling valley below …      you get the idea!


I love doing commissions in watercolors as it’s my preferred traditional media. A large part of the artwork you see on this site was created with watercolor paints. I will be happy to paint your ideas! Please note that I usually use other media such as India Ink in combination with watercolor to achieve the level of fine detail you see in my artwork.

  • 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO (1 Character/Person Only)  – $35.00
  • 4″x6″ (1 Character/Person Only) – $60.00
  • 5″x7″     -$85.00
  • 8″x10″  – $175.00
  • 9″x12″  – $200.00
  • 11″x14″ – $250.00
  • 12″x16″/12″x18″ – $350.00
  • 14″x17″ – $500.00
  • 16″x20″ – $650.00
  • 18″x24″ – $800.00
  • I cannot go larger than 18″x24″ at this time due to lack of work space!
  • Extra Characters/People – Additional fees will apply and vary by image size. Approx. $10-$30 ea.
  • Elaborate/Detailed Background – Additional fees may apply and will vary depending on what kind of background you want.

Colored Pencil

I have carpol tunnel and working in pencil is hard for me, so I cannot work very large in this media. If you looking for a larger piece please see my watercolor/mixed media/digital pricing instead. It can have a background or just be a character on white. For colored pencil works I use Prismacolor Pencil along with sometimes ink, and white acrylic or white india ink for details and highlights. The drawing will generally be done on smooth acid-free white artist paper. I can also hand-color the paper with watercolors which can create a nice effect. I can do mixed media with this combining watercolors and pencil. See Mixed Media section.

  • 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO -$30.00 (1 Character/Person Only)
  • 4″x6″ – $50.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 5″x7″ – $75.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 8″x10″ -$150.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • Any larger and it would have to be Mixed Media… this usually means using a combo of pencil and watercolor on the background to easily cover large areas. Please see my Mixed Media section!
  • Extra Characters/People – Additional fees will apply. Approx. $10 ea.
  • Elaborate/Detailed Background – Additional fees may apply and will vary depending on what kind of background you want.

Graphite Pencil Drawing

This is a finished graphite drawing complete with detailed shading. As with colored pencil, I can’t work very large in this media.  It can have a background or be just a figure on white depending on what you prefer. I generally work with a mechanical pencil, but may use other types of graphite and ebony pencil as well to achieve good contrasts in the piece. I usually do these on smooth acid-free vellum or acid-free card stock type papers.

  • 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO – $20.00 (1 Character/Person ONLY)
  • 4″x6″ – $45.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 5″x7″ – $60.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • Approx 8″x10″ (1 Character/Person and actual size may vary) – $125.00
  • Extra Characters/People – Additional fees will apply and vary by image size. Approx. $10 ea.
  • Elaborate/Detailed Background – Additional fees may apply and will vary depending on what kind of background you want.

Graphite Sketch

A simple graphite sketch. This isn’t like a finished drawing as it contains little to no shading and is a rough work. Please see my sketches gallery for examples of what my sketches generally look like. 8″x10″ is an approx. size… the actual size varies depending on available paper and may actually be a little bit larger.

  • 2.5″x3.5″ – $5.00 (1 Character/Person ONLY)
  • 4″x6″ – $10.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 5″x7″ – $15.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • Approx 8″x10″- $25.00 (1 Character/Person, actual size may vary)
  • Extra Characters/People/Objects/Detail – Add $5.00
  • Background – Add $10.00

Mixed Media Altered Art Items

Mixed media involves using my entire arsenal of supplies to create a unique piece of artwork. If you like one of my art prints I can incorporate it into the piece. It can include collage elements, dried flowers, metal embellishments, feathers, lace, ribbons, rhinestones, glitter, found objects. I can work on paper, illustration board, canvas, wood, any other small items like papier-mâché boxes or wooden boxes (see my “wish boxes” and “altered art” galleries for examples). Pricing will depend on what sort of art you’re wanting made.

Mixed media Watercolor + Prismacolor pencils

This is the way a lot of my traditional media artworks you see on my website have been created. I may also use some white acrylic, white watercolor, ink, etc… but it is primarily watercolor and colored pencil. I cannot color in large areas with colored pencil as it’s just murder on my poor wrist. Using watercolor in combination allows me to cover large areas of color and then go in with pencil for the details. Prices are same as with watercolors but sizes only go up to 11″x14″. :)

  • 2.5″x3.5″ ACEO (1 Character/Person Only)  – $35.00
  • 4″x6″ (1 Character/Person) – $60.00
  • 5″x7″     -$85.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 8″x10″  – $175.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 9″x12″  – $200.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • 11″x14″ – $250.00 (1 Character/Person)
  • Extra Characters/People – Additional fees will apply and vary by image size. Approx. $10-$20 ea.
  • Elaborate/Detailed Background – Additional fees may apply and will vary depending on what kind of background you want.

Digital Paintings

Digital paintings are created using Photoshop primarily. I sometimes also take the painting into Corel Painter. The original file is a high resolution 300dpi image, and I usually work on approx 18″x24″ digital canvas space. This means the image can be printed up to 18″x24″ size without losing any quality. Working in this size allows me to add a high level of detail to my paintings. I’m afraid I can’t work any larger than this or else my laptop might explode. :) I hope you can understand! Actual price for your commission will depend on the level of detail you’re looking for and the price listed below is an estimate. I put a ton more time and effort into my digital paintings than my more traditional work. Please realize you are paying for my hours of work. :)

What you will receive with your commission: I will provide you with images of your commissioned piece which are suitable for display on the web, a wallpaper for your desktop, and an 8″x10″ matted and signed print. You can also purchase additional prints in the sizes listed below for an extra fee.

You will not receive the actual file unless you’ve purchased rights to the image! If you would like to purchase actual printing rights to the image we can discuss it personally. Please see my section about purchasing rights.

  • 1 Digital Painting Average Detail. (Includes Watermarked Web images for sharing, Desktop Wallpaper, and one 8″x10″ signed and matted print) – $500.00
  • Additional High Detail – Negotiable
  • Additional 8″x10″ Signed Print (Matted)- Add $18.00
  • Additional 11″x14″ Signed Print (Matting Not Available) – Add $28.00
  • Additional 18″x24″ Signed Print (Matting Not Available) – Add $49.00
  • Printing Rights/Original File – Negotiable


Digital Photo Manipulations – Fantasy Settings

Have a photo you LOVE of yourself in a beautiful prom dress or wedding gown? Or a wonderful easter photograph of your child? Would you like them turned into a fairy or placed in a fantasy setting? Soon I will be offering photo manipulations. More details and example images coming soon! If you are interested, please contact me!

Business Logos/Signs and Digital Watermarks

I can create images you can use in your business. This is a one time payment up front kind of job, and then you will own rights to the image to use as you wish on your website or business cards… or one off products such as t-shirts, or promotional items. I works a lot the same as “purchasing exclusive rights” mentioned in the “extra fees” section of this page and pricing will depend on what you are wanting.

I can also create beautiful watermarks for you to use to watermark your photographs or artwork. I have had a lot of people ask me about the ones I created the ones I’ve used on my own work. I can easily create one for you, and provide you with the image files for your own use. You will have to learn how to place the watermark on your own image if you want to use it yourself. If you need me to do it for you I will charge a fee for my time. :)

Examples coming soon!

Commissioned Tattoo Designs

I’ll be happy to design your tattoo! Artwork at least 5″x7″ in size or larger is best for a tattoo design. The commission process for tattoo designs is the same as any other commissioned artwork and you will receive the original artwork (or a print if it’s a digital painting) as well!  Please let me know where the tattoo will be placed on your body, because it may help me to create an image that will look good where it’s going to end up. I will happily include a print along with your piece that you can take with you to the tattoo artist, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your original art with them. I will not send high resolution scans, sorry. I may make prints of your design unless otherwise agreed and your design may also be used on products but I will not allow use by other people for tattoos. Please be sure to send me a photo of your tattoo when it’s finished! I would love to see it and even post it to my site if it’s okay with you. Send me pics when its done and let me know if I can post it!

Other Artwork On This Site For Use As Tattoos?

I will allow the use of some of my images as tattoos with the following rules.

  1. You must contact me and and ask if you want to use any of my images as a tattoo. Some images may not be available because they’re exclusive designs or commissioned by someone else.
  2. You must purchase at least an 8″x10″ print of the image. You can also use this image to take to your tattooist so they can design your tattoo from it. It is much better and more detailed than a web image..
  3. I’d really love a photo of the finished tattoo and please let me know if I may post it to my site!

Child Portraits

Prices for child portraits are according to the estimates listed on this page.  The addition of extra details, characters (such as pets), and elaborate backgrounds will cost extra. Most of the child portraits I have done were single character with a plain background of some sort. :) But I can definitely place your child in some sort of fantasy setting …  I will probably need good reference photos. The more the better. It is hard to paint them in a setting without seeing their body posed properly and stuff.

I have in the past used photos of other children of the same age/size/gender as reference while only having a photograph if the child’s face. Such as in the image above of Seth. All I had was that photo… so I used photos of another child in order to get a semi-accurate depiction of his body sitting on a mushroom. So it is possible… but I would MUCH rather have good reference photographs! If you want the most accurate depiction of your child please provide me of a photo of them in a pose that works as a reference for your commission. If it is feasible you can perhaps have them pose for a photo.


I will not title the piece with your child’s actual name. I have had people in the past actually request that I use their first name as the title… that’s alright. But I will never ever post their last name or any other information about a child for the safety of that child. If you have no preference as to the title of the piece actually containing your child’s name I will likely give it some cute title of my own… a made up name or title like my painting “The Little Things”, shown at left.


  • I will not offer your artwork as prints on my website without your permission. I do understand your safety concerns about your child’s identity. I totally understand if you would rather their face not be on the internet or on products.
  • I will however require a small one time fee to cover any losses I may incur by not being able to display it. See my “extra fees” section please. As I say I will never divulge any personal information about your child or their name unless you are okay with that. I will NEVER license the image to companies for use on products without your permission. By allowing this, you are helping to support me as an artist, but I totally understand if you don’t want your child’s face on the web or on products.
  • Be sure to tell me your wishes regarding the image BEFORE commissioning me so that we can discuss it. Please communicate your concerns and requests when you first contact me.


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