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Commissioned Tattoo Designs

Firstly, I’m sorry if this seems like a novel, but if you are interested, please read on! I hope I can work with you! :D

I’ll be happy to design your tattoo for a fee.  Before you consider contacting me, please know that I do not do “free” designs for people. I get asked this sooo often.  I am actually very flexible in my pricing and willing to work with you as far as payment, but I cannot work for free unfortunately… as much as I would love to. I hope you will understand! (An artist has gotta eat! :S Also I have several pets who will definitely benefit from your purchase… a lot of my funds goes toward taking care of them and their vet bills, if that makes you feel any better! My kitties and small pets thank you! lol)

Please be sure to have a look over my artwork here as well as the art and sketches I post over on my Facebook Page and Instagram. I will not draw in the style of other artists and I don’t do “fan art”. I draw in my own style only, so please be sure its what you want. =)

Artwork at least 5″x7″ in size or larger is probably best for a tattoo design. The commission process for tattoo designs is the same as any other commissioned artwork and you will receive the original artwork as well when available!  Please let me know where the tattoo will be placed on your body, because it may help me to create an image that will look good where it’s going to end up (If you can send photos that might even be better… as long as its in a place that’s decent. I don’t really wanna see your butt lolz). I will happily include a print along with your piece that you can take with you to the tattoo artist, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your original art with them. I will not send high resolution scans, sorry. I may choose to use your tattoo design to make prints for sale and or other products unless otherwise agreed upon. Please be sure to send me a photo of your tattoo when it’s finished! I would love to see it and even post it to my site if it’s okay with you. Send me pics when its done and let me know if I can post it!  All my usual commission rules apply to tattoo designs so please be sure to read my commissions page when you find some time. Pricing is discussed below.

As for pricing, that will depend on the design you want done, the detail involved, and what mediums you want the artwork done in.  I recommend just a small 5″x7″ if all you care about is getting a tattoo. These prices are estimates only. Please do not be unhappy if I end up quoting you a higher price than listed below. Like I said it totally depends on what you are asking for and the time and supplies it will take me to create it. Just know that if you ask me to create some highly-detailed-crazy insanely-intricate character or design it’s going to cost more because it will take me more time to do.

I have tried to keep prices fair… payment is up front unless otherwise agreed. If you really really want me to do a tattoo design for you and can’t plunk down the money, we can discuss a payment plan, and I’m generous… so don’t worry. Just contact me with your ideas and we can talk! :)


Price Estimates for Traditional Art Tattoo Designs:

5″x7″ Graphite Pencil Drawing (NO background. Design only. You get the original art plus an additional 5″x7″ print) – $60.00


5″x7″ Full color, Watercolor (NO background. Design only. You get the original art plus an additional 5″x7″ print.)- $85.00

Price Estimates for Digital Art Tattoo Designs:

Full color, Digital Paintings (NO background. Design only. Please understand this is digital, so there is no “original” – just a print. I can achieve very high detail in my digital paintings so if that’s what you want this option might be best. Includes 5″x7″ Print. Larger sized prints available for additional fee, just ask)- $150 and up.

Black and white “inked drawing” style digital image (NO background. Design only. Please understand this is digital, so there is no “original” to hang on your wall. Includes a 5″x7″ Print. Larger sized prints are available for an additional fee, just ask) – $100 and up

Please see my commission page to get an idea on pricing on other sizes of artwork if you want something large (sorry the page is a bit jumbled… I am working on making a better page for it, if you don’t feel like reading and have questions please ask lol). It will be treated the same as any other large commission work. Pricing is subject to change at any time, so please only consider my prices listed on this website as an estimate. I am very willing to work with you and I understand not everyone is made of tons of money. :) Payment is up front unless a payment plan is otherwise agreed upon. Thank you!

Other Artwork On This Site For Use As Tattoos?

I will allow the use of some of my images as tattoos with the following rules.

  1. You must contact me and and ask if you want to use any of my images as a tattoo. Some images may not be available because they’re exclusive designs or commissioned by someone else.
  2. You must purchase at least an 8″x10″ print of the image. You can also use this image to take to your tattooist so they can design your tattoo from it. It is much better and more detailed than a web image..
  3. I’d really love a photo of the finished tattoo and please let me know if I may post it to my site!

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    Hi! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic work!

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