Angel Policy – Digital Stamps and Coloring Pages

~Rules and Angel Policy~

This set of rules applies to

Coloring Pages/Digital Stamps and free coloring pages

  • For those wishing to make handmade greeting cards out of my coloring pages or digital stamps and then sell them on etsy, you may do so provided it is only limited run of 20 cards and as long as they are only being sold in your Etsy shop on the Etsy Website
  • Please note that I require that you notify me of your desire to use these images in your shop. Please give me a link to your shop. You can add it to the comment area during your purchase or contact me here. I will link to your shop on my website. This way I can keep up with you and see the beautiful things you make, and maybe even blog about your shop. :)
  • If you wish to use the image on some other sort of project that you wish to sell on etsy, if you wish to make more than 20 greeting cards, or if you wish to sell these in another venue than Etsy, please contact me and we can discuss it. I may ask for a royalty of at least 10%.
  • You can print these images out as many times as you wish for your own personal use only. They may be printed out and used for coloring pages for your kids, crafting projects, scrapbooking or digitally colored.
  • These files or not for resale – these image files cannot be resold.
  • Not for making stamps –  these images cannot be used to make rubber or clear stamps.
  • Non-transferable! – these image files may not be transferred to other people.
  • If I have reason to believe you are mass producing products using my images without my permission, I have every right to take legal action and will do so!
  • Please do not abuse these rules if you want me to keep making these for you guys! :)
  • If you post your creation online please link back to my website at or as a courtesy. And hey, show me what you make because I’d love to see it and I may even share it on my blog. Thank you!
  • I reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time as I see fit.
  • You can contact me here! or at

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