Coming soon! DIGITAL STAMPS! :)

It has come to my attention that people may be using my Coloring Pages as “Digital Stamps”. While these images were not really intended for that purpose and really aren’t a high enough quality for it, I’ve decided to allow it provided you follow my rules and my new angel policy. :) Also bear in mind that the files being sold in the Coloring Pages section of this shop were intended to be used as coloring pages and for smaller crafting projects and may not be a high enough quality for your digital stamp projects.

Please check out my RULES and Angel Policy here!

Given all the interest now in using Digital Stamps, I will soon be offering these for sale. I may phase out my coloring pages and replace them with Digital Stamps only which can be used for coloring projects as well. I haven’t decided on that yet…

I also am working on a new “Free Coloring Page” right now. I will post it soon. Please stay tuned for more updates! ;)

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