My name is Katherine Rose Barber. I am primarily a self taught artist, but I am currently majoring in art at Tarrant County College in North Texas.  I am focusing on study in digital arts as well as more traditional methods of creating artwork.  I hope to use my knowledge in both digital and traditional means to work in illustration, commercial art and design.

I have a vast knowledge of drawing and painting.  My favorite artistic medium is the basic No. 2 Pencil, however I use mechanical pencil quite a lot as well.  For my colored work I prefer working in watercolor or colored pencil.  I sometimes use inking pens, India ink or acrylic paint in combination in my paintings and drawings to achieve bold shadows and highlights. I’ve also begun working in digital more, using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and more recently Adobe Illustrator.

I work to draw pictures that inspire emotion, awe, and visual interest with bold use of colors.  I like to think my laughing faeries bring a smile to someone’s face, and that my more somber work makes people think.  I absorb all the inspiration I can from nature, the internet, books, history, magazines, articles and discussions with my friends and fellow artists.  I am always trying to improve my work through practice of new techniques and thinking outside the box.  Through my years of sketching, painting and experimenting with new styles and mediums, I have managed to create a look and feel to my images that is my own.  I was always one to go my own way, and carve my own path without much care of what other people may think because I am a dreamer.

Why  faeries? I don’t think my choice to draw and paint faeries in particular was exactly intentional.  It’s something that developed over time stemming from my love of fantasy and traditional fairytales, and also my long time interest in Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and “things that fly”.  I am an Aquarius through and through and we are in fact represented by the element of Air, so I guess it’s no wonder that I am drawn to beautiful, colorful and airy things in my art and in my life.

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  1. Sherry Langevin says:

    hi, I saw some of your drawings, and like them.

    What is the procedure to use one of them as artwork on my facebook page?
    Or is this not allowed?
    I’m asking, though I read the rules on this website, I still am not sure if I can buy something and down load (or upload, or whatever) as a ‘banner’ or landscape or whatever it is called…..I am not computer savvy.
    Can it be bought?
    If you say ‘no’, then I wont steal it, dont worry.

    • Kat says:

      That depends on what you mean by “use”. Are you just wanting to post the image to your page?

      If so all you have to do is:
      *Do not alter or crop the image in ANY WAY please

      *Put this with the image somewhere in your post: “Artwork ©Katherine Rose Barber

      *Please give me a link to your post and page so I can like the page and see the post myself.

      *I am not allowing use of my images as Facebook Cover Photo Banners at this time however, sorry.

      *This DOES NOT apply to using my images as “tubes” or “tags” – if you are looking for that please visit where you can find some of my images for sale as tubes. You must follow their rules and policies to use those images after purchasing them.

      Thank you for bringing this up. I will add this information to my FAQs. I hope this has helped you. Let me know your page and I’ll like it! =)

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