A few updates & and new art release “Moon Whisper”

I have a few updates to share with you!

Attention: Due to difficulties with my shopping cart. I will no longer be accepting overseas orders via this website.

Overseas customers, please contact me personally with your item list and we will work out a deal. Since I understand shipping prices have gone up abominably and I don’t want to lose my overseas customers. Important! Please include your location so I can calculate the shipping!^_~

New artwork release! This is a new painting I whooped out rather quickly over the past week. She is painted out of my head with no photo references (aside from the background where I used some public domain galaxy photos from NASA). I am pretty proud of her actually. She’s not meant to be proper human proportions or anything, because she is a pixie! :) She was a lot of fun to paint. I named her after an old rpg character I had a long time ago named Moonwhisper – who was not a pixie, but it seemed like a nice title for this one because she reminds me a bit of her. Hope you like her! She is now available as prints.


“Moon Whisper”

18″x24″ Digitally Painted in Photoshop CS5

Open Edition Prints available in these sizes:

18″x24″ – $46.00

11″x14″ – $35.00

8″x10″ – $16.00

5″x7″ – $8.00








Digital Stamps are still in the works! I am still planning to have digital stamps available in my shop very soon. I got way busy with my college courses (as this is my last year there the classes have gotten tough!)  I am not sure when I will find time to do this but its on the agenda for … some time this year ha. Meanwhile I would like to share this free coloring page and digital stamp with you. Feel free to download either one (or both) to your own computer. You can print them out as many times as you like to color with crayons, use in craft projects or you can even color it digitally. I’m including a low res printable coloring page if you want one that’s easy to download for slower connections, and a higher res png file that is good for use as “digital stamps” or to color digitally. Please do not use these images commercially or try to claim them as your own. I will allow the use of these images to make greeting cards in small numbers however WITH PERMISSION. Please contact me about it and please follow the rules in my Angel Policy. As long as everyone follows my rules, I will continue offering free images from time to time. I won’t hesitate to cease offering these if anyone violates these rules. I reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time. :) Enjoy!

Low Res JPEG Coloring Page


Hi Res PNG Digital Stamp



And last but not least, this is a blog… *gasp*

I am going to start treating it more like one! I’m not sure why I don’t actually blog here. I was treating this blog as more of a news/updates feed for the website…  it didn’t really occur to me to treat it like an actual blog… to start “blogging”. That and I guess I had this weird idea that I should put on a “professional face” for my website. I think to some extent I still will… but I also want to just be able to write about some things I am interested in or just post some news from my life and stuff. :) I once had a blog over on live journal and really miss that..  so we’ll see how it goes with this. I am no longer in the habit of blogging really, so its hard to stick to. Also I think that posting over on Facebook has become such and addiction to me that I’ve stopped just writing or stuff anymore! That’s bad. I’m going to try to be glued to Facebook less – unless I am posting to my art page or profile over there.

And yes! I made a “profile” for my art on Facebook. Facebook screwed up the algorithm for their Facebook “Pages” and now I believe very few of my fans are even seeing my posts. I get very little views or response anymore on most posts I make. To battle this I have made a profile on Facebook. Those who really want to keep in touch with me and actually see posts about my work can “add ” or “follow” me there. I know there is a limit to something like 2000 friends … so my plan is to after that point to go through my friends list once in a while and delete those who seem to have inactive profiles or never reply to my posts. :) I really want my profile reserved for those who wish to actively reply to my posts, give me ideas, comments, suggestions, and actually speak to the artist! Also it is for those who may wish to purchase/collect my artwork or companies wanting to keep in touch about my work. So please only add me if you intend to interact with my posts or have good reason to be adding me. :) You can also “follow” my profile to get updates instead or “like” my fan page.

In other news… because I can’t just not announce it. I am about to graduate from community college! Last semester I battled my way through Spanish and Statistics (math) classes with much blood, sweat, and tears. I never took Spanish or Statistics in my life! That was a near death experience lol! On top of that I also had a Texas Government class and an English Composition class to worry about. Let’s just say I was a busy busy bee! Next semester is only going to be worse. Dear ‘Powers That Be’… save me lol.  I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of new artwork from me over the next semester, but we’ll see. I hope that I will at least get these paintings I’ve been working n over the holidays finished though.   The good news is I will finally get to wear a cap and gown. If all goes well I should be graduating with my Associate of Arts Degree this spring. I deserve some congratulations… yeah?! :P Obviously, -someone- needs to get me this card from this etsy shop… because Grumpy Cat.





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